30-Hr Online Introduction to Anatomy

A progressive and supportive introduction to anatomy for the 200-hr YTT

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This online course is meant to provide a more consistent approach to the introductory anatomical material that yoga teacher trainees are learning. There is so much to learn in the world of anatomy and it is important to have the right information at the right level! Keeping you engaged and building a progressive approach to learning anatomy has been the main objective for this course.  

This course contains 12 chapters of study (with audio presentations, worksheets, quizzes and answer keys included for each chapter). There are a variety of downloadable learning exercises and some additional videos to enhance the teacher trainees learning experience. There is also a final exam that will test the knowledge obtained from the course.



Jennifer Lynn Rossy, RMT RYT

Yoga schools this course has been designed to run alongside your 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training. 

With so many teacher trainings now online it is important to have a consistent approach to introductory anatomy.

This 30-hr course contains all of the requirements set by Yoga Alliance and serves to give your students a full and progressive approach to introductory anatomy with a focus on safety in movement. The hours of this course are comprised of all learning materials, practice and study time as well as all chapter quizzes, final exam and additional learning material.

Once purchased you can sign up each of your trainees for an administration fee of $39 per person. (the fee applies to the first 15 students, any more than this in your training gain access for free). This will give each student their own access to both the course and the private facebook group designed to offer support!


This online program begins with teaching your students how to look at the body in an anatomical way. After learning some additional and foundational terminolgy your students will then proceed to learn about cells & tissue, the musculoskeletal system, joints & range of motion. They will learn about the nervous, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine and digestive systems to give them a thorough introductory foundation of anatomy. There are 12 chapters of study with their corresponding verbal presentations, worksheets, practice and other additonal learning material.

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Worksheets- each chaper begins with a worksheet to be filled out as your students work through the chapters material. Answers are provided.

Presentations- each chapter has an audio powerpoint presentation where I teach the designated anatomical material.

Quizzes- each chapter has 2 quizzing options (only one needs to be selected) which includes an online quiz or a download and write option (answers are provided for the downloaded option as the online option gives immediate feedback)

Downloads- there are a variety of exercises and or practice sheets for students to apply and or practice the anatomy content that they have learned.

Final Exam- this is a download and write exam for your students. They are required to study for this exam with all of the course notes and materials to ensure they have a full understanding of the course contents.

Additional- there are some online practice exercises, 2 audio yoga practices to apply muscles and movement, a posture glossary for visual anatomy & asana practice, readings, breath practice and videos to provide a variety of learning tools to enhance learning success!

24/7 Access- this course is provided to you using the THINKIFIC online teaching platform and can be used across all devices although computer laptop or desktop is preferred.

This course can run alongside any 200hr Hatha Yoga teacher training internationally (this course is offered completely in English).

If you would like to book a DISCOVERY CALL with JLynn to find out more and have a sneak peak simply reach out by email below to schedule a time.

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$397 (3 month access)

$697 (6 month access)

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Student Success

Set your students up for success with their own portal of access (optional) to this course! Trainees with previous anatomy background may not need this option but for the other students it is great for them to have their own off-site access. This way they can take the time they need with the course material and revisit any areas of weakness as much as they need to. This will increase your trainees retention of the anatomical material that has been provided. Please inquire below.

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Student Support

This online introduction to anatomy course has a private facebook group for your students to access. This group serves as a place to ask questions regarding course material. The link is provided within the introduction section of this course.


“This is an excellent introduction to anatomy. It is well thought out and logical in its presentation. The definitions, explanations, diagrams and quizzes will serve as a terrific guide for people taking this course.”

Dr. Patrick Kirkham, B.Sc., D.C.

"I took the Yoga School of Anatomy's Introduction to Anatomy course as a beginner in Yoga, with the possibility of taking my teacher training in the future. The course is very affordable, it is very user friendly and flows nicely. I found it beneficial that there are several options for studying, with available printouts and online quizzes. Supplemental videos, diagrams and photos made it easier to understand and follow along with the material. I appreciated that Jennifer recorded videos of herself explaining certain concepts further. It gave me, as a student, a sense of who she is and it made for a more personable experience. This course is essential for practicing and teaching yoga safely. It will not only benefit Yoga teachers, but also everyone who practices."

Shawna Latchford, Masters Student.    

Taking any course is a challenge for me as I am a visual and learn better in person. However Jennifer Lynn's approach in her 30-hr anatomy allows me to learn and retain. Why? Because she offers 3 different learning trechniques.

1.clearly defines the objectives and timelines for each chapter so you know what to expect

2. provides slides with voice and written explanations of the material supported by pictures

3. provides easy to follow written and or online quizzes that really help you to understand and master the material

I appreciate Jennifer Lynns detailed and clear explanation of the material and how the anatomy/body can benefit from yoga

C. Sirois, Yoga Trainee


200-Hr YTT Students, This E-Book is for You!

This E-Book for download gives you an opportunity to study the basics of gross anatomy. There are 12 chapters of study including but not limited to; the respiratory, circulatory and digestive systems, major muscles and bones, joints and range of motion and more! If you are going into or are in a YTT 200-hr training you can use this book, its anatomical photos, descriptions, quizzes and exercises as an additional resource to help you with your understanding of the human body and relate a variety fo the information to safety, yoga and movement.