“This is an excellent introduction to anatomy. It is well thought out and logical in its presentation. The definitions, explanations, diagrams and quizzes will serve as a terrific guide for people taking this course.”

Dr. Patrick Kirkham, B.Sc., D.C.

Image by Louise Vildmark

Taking any course is a challenge for me as I am a visual and learn better in person. However Jennifer Lynn's approach in her 30-hr anatomy allows me to learn and retain. Why? Because she offers 3 different learning trechniques.

1.clearly defines the objectives and timelines for each chapter so you know what to expect

2. provides slides with voice and written explanations of the material supported by pictures

3. provides easy to follow written and or online quizzes that really help you to understand and master the material

I appreciate Jennifer Lynns detailed and clear explanation of the material and how the anatomy/body can benefit from yoga

C. Sirois, Yoga Trainee

Image by Shubham Dhage

“Over the 40 some years that I have been practicing and teaching Yoga I have seen many changes in the way Yoga is practiced and taught to students. Not always, in my opinion, for the better. This manual takes a step in a positive direction. It will help teachers to be better informed and better able to offer Yoga to a wide range of students and students will be able to practice in a safer manner as a result.”

Don Caldwell- Yoga Teacher

Image by Samantha Sheppard

"I took the Yoga School of Anatomy's Introduction to Anatomy course as a beginner in Yoga, with the possibility of taking my teacher training in the future. The course is very affordable, it is very user friendly and flows nicely. I found it beneficial that there are several options for studying, with available printouts and online quizzes. Supplemental videos, diagrams and photos made it easier to understand and follow along with the material. I appreciated that Jennifer recorded videos of herself explaining certain concepts further. It gave me, as a student, a sense of who she is and it made for a more personable experience. This course is essential for practicing and teaching yoga safely. It will not only benefit Yoga teachers, but also everyone who practices."

Shawna Latchford- Masters Student

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